Dylan is not the person you think he is. Dylan is not the person as he is described on this website.

If you believe any of this crap, you must be quite young. Young enough to not remember Y2K. Or Hypnospace. Or the Mind Crash.

Let's tell you some real history.

Yes, it's true that Hypnospace was a sleeptime network. Yes, it's true that Hypnospace was released in 1998, and there was indeed a a Y2K update. And fyi, considering you're likely too young, the Y2K bug was what people believed would happen with the coming of the year 2000. They theorized that all technology would stop working, that planes would crash to the ground, yadayadayada.

Technology did not stop working of course, but one thing did happen with Y2K: The Mind Crash.

The Mind Crash was a result of Dylan's idiotic programming. Dylan's idiotic programming that led to people not getting enough sleep, if at all, during the night. The idiotic programming that took at least 4 lives.

It was because of his game "Outlaw." Some car game where you tried to capture other cars. Him pushing this game led to faulty and weak programming on what was most important (the actual Y2K update).

Nearly all, if not abosolutely all, Hypnospace headbands (the headband you put on at night to access Hypnospace) were fried. At least 4 headbands killed people.

Of course, you might have known all of that. You might have played or at least heard of the "game" Hypnospace: Outlaw. A sick game created by a team headed by a one Jay Tholen that emulated Hypnospace and the tragedies surrounding it. The team also somehow managed to port the site builder and tune sequencer, two programs that were used for Hypnospace citizens that now can be accessed by any person on the internet.

Throughout this game, you are playing the only surviving Enforcer: Enforcer 001. The Enforcer apparently found out some not-so-nice things about Dylan. The Enforcer, along with Samantha, a former employee of Merchantsoft, gave some evidence to the authorities of what I described above. Keep in mind that all of this that happened in the game happened in real life, as well. Again, it's quite a sick game. After the evidence was given to the authorities, Dylan is was jailed and is currently awaiting trial. Let's hope that bastard gets what deserves.

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