DarkTwilightTiff - Tiffany Wright

This girl could honestly have been a future author or director or screenwriter or anything like that. She created complex worlds, horrifying (in the good way), worlds. Then Dylan stole that from her. Dylan stole her dreams away (no pun intended). Some say some of these worlds are still out there, haunting the Hypnospace Archive Project.

Citizen0556332 - Mavis Ann Greene

Mavis wasn't the best at Hypnospace; we all knew that. But, to be honest, the terrible sites she made were charming. And when she finally began to figure it out, she was no longer able to create the websites that she could have thought up. All because of some stupid car game.

RodsAntiGovernmentPage - Rodney Hooks

Rodney's theories were always a bit farfetched, but he didn't deserve to die. He was an innocent, a one man against the world. And, while he may have been slightly crazy, isn't it sort of admirable? Fighting alone, by yourself?
If only he could fight what happened to him.

BurnRubber50 - Carl Parker III

Carl. Your wife had died years before you. She was taken away from you just like you were taken away from us. Only this time, we can do something about it. We'll remember you, Carl, and your wife.

RingLeaderRoddy - Roddy Wall

Roddy, other than Sam, you were perhaps the most sensible person over at Merchantsoft. You saw what was wrong with it, and when fixing didn't work, you left. You were still a part of Hypnospace, though. You were still there for your friends, unlike a one Dylan "Asshat" Merchant. And, Roddy: that's enough.

ZANE_ROCKS_14 - Zane Lofton

Zane. You were what we call an "edgelord." You weren't the best kid. But you were a kid. I feel like almost everyone goes through that phase, but emerges as a better person. And I believe you could have, too. I believe you could have made your mother and everyone else proud. But the chance was taken away from you. I hope that, if there's reincarnation, you get that chance again. I hope you're getting that chance right now.