It all started when Dylan was born...

Dylan was a curious child from the very beginning. He had a dream, though: a dream to make sleep time fun time. A dream to make sleep time productive time. A dream to make sleep time great time.

Dylan was always a smart kid. So smart that he often got bullied for it in school. Dylan is rumored to have told the bullies "i will have you imprisoned in sleep time". The bullies, evidently, did not know what Dylan meant. But he knew what he meant. For the idea of a sleeptime network had already begun to form in his head.

Dylan did not go to college when he 18. Instead, he got with his borther, Adrian (the lame one), and proposed an idea, the idea that would eventually become Hypnospace. Adrian, being as he was, was skeptical at first. But, he helped Dylan bc dylan was really really cool and so was the idea of Hypnospace.

In 1998, Hypnospace was released for the low low price of $500 (I had to get my mom to buy it for me lol).

Fast forward to present day, December 29th 1999, and the Y2K update is coming, along with what's supposed to be a very cool game. I think it's called Outjustice. I am very excited for 2000. I hope you are too :)